Black pearl earring set at $2,200

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Pearl Roadshow is selling a black pearl ear ring set at the same price as the white pearl ear pieces at its online store.

It was available at $1,500 to $2 of that in the U.S. on Wednesday.

It’s also available in gold and rose gold in Europe.

The black pearl is made of gold and is meant to accentuate the color of pearls.

Pearl Roadshows is not offering the white piece for sale on its website.

A spokeswoman said the earrings were designed to be worn by women.

The pearl is considered an earring because it is often used as an ear necklace and earrings in Asian culture.

The black pearl can be worn as a necklace or earring.

The seller of the earring said it was meant for men.

The earrings will be available for pre-order for a price of $1.99 each on Tuesday, and will go on sale the following day.

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