Which U.S. senator wants a little more attention for the pearl harbor terrorist attack?


The Washington Post reports: Two U.N. peacekeepers were killed and two others wounded in a suicide bomb attack in the eastern Philippine city of Albay province on Sunday, officials said.

Albay, home to more than 500,000 people, has seen sporadic violence in recent years but also a string of high-profile attacks targeting government targets and civilians in recent weeks.

The U.

Ns. military mission, the Philippine National Police and the Philippine Army all reported the attacks to local police, and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said the U.NS. peacekeeping force and police forces had responded to the attack with “zero tolerance” of terrorism.

Duterte, who has criticized the U,N.

for failing to hold accountable those responsible for the deadly attacks, has said he will consider using the U.-N force to go after terrorists and has accused the U.,N.

of being “too big and too powerful” and “too dependent on the United States” to protect it from attack.

Albay has also been hit by recent anti-government protests that have been fueled by the murder of two protesters, prompting Duterte to order police to clear the area.

In a tweet Sunday, the President said: “The death of a peacekeeper is not a war crime and the U nn peacekeepers in Albay will not be targeted.

Our military is not afraid to stand up to terrorism.”

The U., n.S., Philippine Navy and Philippine Air Force are providing “maximum support” to the Philippine government, the U-N mission said in a statement.

The Philippines has been rocked by protests in recent months over alleged human rights abuses by the military.

The protests have also triggered a political crisis, which has further fueled the violence.

The Philippine military has blamed the protests on the Aquino administration, and has called on the U,.

N. to release the names of those involved in the killings and the deaths of the two U. nn. peacekeeper personnel.

Aquino is the Philippines’ President-elect, and Duterte is seeking to become the countrys longest-serving president in history.

The United Nations is investigating the incident.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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