Reddit user calls ‘f*cked’ for selling $200,000 pearl necklace

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A Reddit user is calling the sale of a $200 million necklace “f*cking stupid” and saying she wants to donate the money to the victims of the 2016 Puerto Rico hurricane.

“I sold $200k necklace to someone in Florida and now they have to get $300k,” user alexa pearl wrote.

“My money went to victims of Puerto Rico and I want to donate it to them.”

The owner of the necklace, Alexis Pearl, who lives in Florida, said she was shocked and upset by the sale.

“They bought the necklace for me for $150 and sold it for $200,” Pearl told ABC News.

“I can’t believe they bought this necklace for $300.

I thought it was a $100 item.”

Pearl said she wants the money donated to the Puerto Rican relief effort.

“The Puerto Rico government, the Federal Government and the private sector have worked tirelessly and tirelessly to support the people of Puerto Ricans and their families,” Pearl said.

“If they can’t donate money, then I can’t help you.

I can only ask that you help me.”

The $200-million necklace was sold on eBay earlier this year for $160,000.

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