South Sea pearls at ‘world’s biggest’, South Sea industry chief says


Posted October 02, 2018 13:18:24 South Sea Pearls producer S.P.E.I. is celebrating the world’s biggest pearl collection, with more than 300,000 specimens available for sale.

The S.A. Pearls Company’s Director of Marketing, Matt Ritchie, said the company had over 100,000 pieces of South Sea pearl at its plant in South Kildare, which was recently renamed “S.A.’s Pearl”.

“I think it’s an incredible achievement, it’s really an unbelievable milestone, we’ve been looking forward to it for a while,” he said.

“It’s something we’ve always been passionate about and it’s going to be an amazing experience to celebrate with our friends and families.”

There’s a huge amount of pride and we’ve all worked really hard to bring this to fruition.

“I’m just really happy to see the industry in the best shape it’s been in for a long time.”

Mr Ritchie said the new location was a significant step in the industry’s growth.

“This new facility is a significant milestone in South Sea production, it is one of the largest collections of pearls in the world,” he added.

“We’ve had a lot of pearlists in the past who have gone on to have other industries, and we know that there are a lot more pearls that could be produced here.”

The SSE Pearls Co-operative is a subsidiary of S.

E Pearls, which also owns the SSE’s flagship, South Sea, and SSE Prawns brand.

Mr Rberry said there were still some problems to be solved for the industry.

“The problem with the South Sea is that we’ve got a really large number of pearlers who don’t have access to the technology that we’re using to produce the pearls,” he explained.

“So there’s still a lot that needs to be worked out in order for us to bring a significant volume of pearlings to the market.”

The new plant is the third of its kind in the S.K.G.C. region, which includes New England, New York and Rhode Island.

“South Sea is the industry that has been producing the largest collection of pearled pearls on the world market for the past 40 years,” Mr Ritchie continued.

“And it’s a testament to our commitment to supporting this industry that we have been able to get it built.”

The Pearl Collection, at the SSEA Plant in South Beach, is currently one of Australia’s largest and most successful pearl collections, Mr Rberry added.

Mr Naylor said the South Beach facility would have been more successful had it not been for the South Korean Government’s decision to close the facility in 2012.

“In South Korea, you have to pay a premium for the privilege of going to South Korea to buy pearls and that was not always the case,” he noted.

“But we are very proud to be able to be here in South Korea and to be working with such an amazing community and people who are really working really hard on the behalf of this industry and we’re very excited to be a part of it.”