When a Walmart store opened in the middle of Pearl City, it was a big deal

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A new Walmart opened in Pearl City in December 2017.

And for a lot of residents, it had the biggest impact on their lives they’ve experienced in their lives.

The store is just a block away from Pearl City High School, where students from the school and nearby residents of Pearl are known to congregate to shop and eat.

But for residents who live in Pearl, the Walmart opened just weeks after they were notified that the store was moving to Pearl City.

“It was a pretty big shock,” said Lora Peche, a Pearl City resident.

“We had to go to school and we had to work.

And now we have to go back to Pearl, because we don’t have anywhere to go.

We’ve got no choice but to go.”

The store’s owners say the Walmart moved to Pearl because they were being hit with a tax increase that was coming on top of the city’s other taxes.

But some residents are not happy about it.

“The stores, the stores, and the stores,” said Pechea, “that’s where it’s going to be, and we don�t want it there.”

In response to a city request, Walmart provided a statement to ABC News that said the store�s move to Pearl was necessary to meet rising property taxes, and that the stores have been in the Pearl area since 2005.

The statement also said that since its opening in 2005, the Pearl City store has been an economic engine for the area and for the state of Oregon.

“As a matter of fact, Walmart and other retailers in Pearl have helped drive the local economy, particularly in the last five years,” the statement said.

“In 2017, Walmart spent more than $3.6 million in local taxes and fees, including the annual tax on groceries and other sales.

But residents of the Pearl neighborhood say the store didn�t meet their needs. “

Additionally, Walmart has been a great economic driver for the Pearl community, contributing $2.3 million in tax credits to the Pearl school district, more than any other business in Pearl,” the company statement said, adding that Walmart has also provided over $20 million in federal aid to Pearl.

But residents of the Pearl neighborhood say the store didn�t meet their needs.

They say Walmart did not have enough parking spaces and that there were too many empty stores.

“They didn�re going to build a parking lot to accommodate all the stores that they wanted to open,” said Mariana Peches, who lives in the neighborhood.

“And they didn�ll even tell us if they had parking spaces.”

The city said that the Pearl city council had asked for a public hearing to address the concerns of residents and Walmart, and was given no time to respond.

“To date, Walmart hasn�t provided a response to any of our requests for comment,” the city said in a statement.

“While the Pearl residents’ complaints are legitimate, we are very pleased with Walmart�s decision to stay in Pearl and continue to serve our community.

Walmart is a leader in providing high-quality products and services to our customers, and our decision reflects this commitment.”

The Pearl City City Council voted in favor of a tax hike to fund Walmart in January, and then in March the city council voted to adopt a resolution to oppose the store, and to move forward with a resolution in favor.

The Pearl city attorney has been working to resolve the situation with Walmart.

“Walmart has the right to remain in Pearl.

It�s a local business and it�s not an interstate business,” said Mark Williams, a member of the community council.

“But we are still working to get a resolution that will protect Pearl and its residents from the harms that Walmart is likely to bring to the community.”

The town’s mayor, Robert G. Anderson, said in February that the community would be prepared to sue Walmart if the store stayed.

Walmart has not responded to ABC�s request for comment on the Pearl Walmart controversy.

But according to ABC news, it plans to open a second store in Pearl next year.