When do you find out what color your new hair is?


A new study says that, yes, the color of your hair is the one determining your gender.

The study found that the majority of Americans (58%) believe their gender is the result of their gender identity.

That’s the most of any gender, and the results are even more striking when you take into account how often people are asked the question in interviews and how often they answer “yes” to it.

But that doesn’t mean your gender identity isn’t a very personal thing.

Researchers surveyed 1,000 adults and found that, when asked to answer, respondents said their gender was “mixed” or “not at all” their gender, but that when asked “gender-neutral,” respondents reported their gender as “female.”

They also found that men were more likely to report their gender to be “male” or that it was “female,” which suggests that the gender you are describing may not always be entirely accurate. 

When the researchers looked at what other gender-neutral options people were willing to choose, such as people who identify as both male and female, they found that people were much more likely than those who identified as neither male nor female to say that their gender isn’t entirely their gender.

When asked if they were okay with being called “transgender,” for example, people were more than twice as likely to say yes than they were to say no. 

“Gender is an umbrella term for a range of social, economic, and political identities, and it can be used to describe people with a range, from people with disabilities to the most popular subculture of gay men,” the study concluded.

“People who identify with a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth may be at risk for social isolation, exclusion from mainstream society, and even violence.”

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