Why are pearl earrings a thing?

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When the U.S. Navy ordered thousands of pearl earring sets to go on sale in January, many people thought the items would be a great deal.

However, some pearl earpieces have been found to be fake.

The US Navy has been warning consumers to beware of fake pearl ear rings and they were soon joined by some other countries.

A spokeswoman for the U,S.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) told CNBC in January that the US government would not accept a fake pearl ring or necklace that it found.

However in June, a company called Diamond Ringing offered an online ring that is supposed to be real but is actually fake.

It is not clear why the US Navy had the intent to issue warnings, but in June a US government official told the New York Times that the department did not believe the fake rings and necklaces were being sold.

Diamond Ringing did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

The jewelry maker says it has taken legal action against the US and is preparing a response to the FTC.

Diamondring says its products are for men and women of all ages and that its customers will be able to return their items at no charge.

It said the counterfeit ring and necklace it sold in the United States would be replaced within 48 hours.

The FTC issued a warning in November 2015 after it learned about Diamond Ringings counterfeiting scheme.

The company said it had identified approximately 7,500 fake rings, earrings and neckties that were sold in its US market.

The agency said the counterfeiting took place online, at brick-and-mortar stores and in the US Department of Defense supply chain.

The agency said in its warning that the counterfeit rings and earrings were made to look like genuine rings and were sold at inflated prices.

The Federal Trade Council, which oversees the FTC, said it has not yet taken any enforcement action.

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