How Pearl Harbor Survivors Got the Navy’s New Pearl Harbor-themed T-shirts


Pearl Harbor survivor Kate Zumwalt says she wanted to be a part of a new Pearl Harbor T-shirt line after the anniversary of the attack.

“I was just a little girl who liked the movies, and I really wanted to wear one,” she told NBC News.

“But I’m a little boy.

I’ve got my heart set on being a Navy SEAL.”

In addition to being the only survivor to die in the attack, Zumfalt was one of four survivors to survive the attack to become the first surviving child of a U.S. naval unit in World War II.

Pearl Harbor survivors also received a $1 million scholarship from the Department of Defense, the Navy and the U.N. to build a new memorial to honor the thousands of Pearl Harbor veterans who died.

“It’s not something I think about too much,” Zumwidal said of her T-Shirt design.

“My grandfather was an aircraft carrier pilot, and my grandfather was killed by Japanese troops.

That’s what I was thinking about, and that’s why I was really excited about it.”

Zumfarls grandmother, a former Navy flight engineer, and uncle, a decorated World War I pilot, were also among those killed in the Pearl Harbor attack.

Zumwaeltl’s grandmother died in the crash and her uncle was wounded in the war.

The Pearl Harbor Memorial and Museum in Hawaii opened in 2015, and the first ceremony in Pearl Harbor was held on March 1, 2019.

“The Pearl Harbor community is a family, and this is a community that’s really resilient,” Zunfarls grandfather, Mark Zumweld, said.

“They’re not going to let anybody get away with it.”