How to find a safe place to park your car after a beach death


People often leave their cars parked on the beach or in parks on the Jersey Shore, even if they don’t live nearby.

But some people also park on the island and have no other options.

The Jersey Shore is known for its beaches and is the most popular destination in the U.S. for families and friends to vacation.

The island also has a large number of parks, including a playground and an ocean-front beach.

According to, in 2011, there were 8,200 parking spots on the shore, with 2,000 spaces available on the north side of the island.

Parking spots are available at many locations on the islands, including some of the most populated beaches.

Parking is available at the south side of Port Jefferson, where the Jersey City Police Department also has parking.

The NYPD has been working to create a parking solution for the island for some time.

The first park opened in 2011.

On Tuesday, reported that a woman died in the ocean on Port Jefferson after a car she was driving collided with another car on the northern shore.

The woman’s body was recovered after two hours and 36 minutes.

It is unclear if the woman was wearing a seatbelt, or if she was killed by the collision.

A spokesperson for the website said that the department has been trying to provide a solution for parking on the beaches for some years, but there have been problems.

In the past, parking on a beach was often prohibited on weekends, with people taking the beaches by the pool or the parking lot, the spokesperson said.

The website reported that in 2015, a person died on the Port Jefferson beach after a vehicle he was driving hit a small boat.

The driver of the car, a man in his 20s, was taken to the hospital.

A second man was found on the water with minor injuries.

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