How to write an ad with a single word


Tesslon Pearls, the $7 million shoe company, is coming out with a new line of shoes with a one-word description.

The company says the new line is named “The Pearls.”

And the brand’s marketing director, Mark A. Johnson, says that it’s “the kind of thing that you say in a very direct way.”

So far, the brand has put out six of its shoes.

(They have not released an official line-up yet.)

In a video that has gone viral on YouTube, Johnson talks about the Pearls.

He says the company is hoping to get 100 pairs of the shoes out by Christmas.

The shoes feature a “pink” color, a pink tongue, and “an extra soft white lining.”

There are two styles of the Pearles.

The shoe with the “pinky” tongue has a heel and a toe box that are white.

It comes in a variety of colors and colors are available in both the black and white versions.

There is a “purple” version that has a more pink tongue.

The Pearls shoes are sold in a few different colors and come in three sizes: a 7.5, a 8.5 and a 9.5.

The new Pearls shoe line is available now at Toms Shoes and at select retailers.