Indias Pearl Fitzgerald death: How she was found dead at sea


The Pearl Fitzgerald family have paid their last respects to their daughter, who was found drowned in the Pacific Ocean in February 2010, her family have said.

She was found by a fisherman off the coast of Baja California, Mexico, a day after she had been due to arrive at an air show in Japan.

Her family has now decided to pay tribute to Pearl, saying that her death was caused by her “disorder” and that she had tried to hide her depression.

Indias Pearl, left, with her mother Rose Fitzgerald, father John Fitzgerald and brother-in-law Robert Fitzgerald.

Reuters”Our family, along with all of the other Pearl Fitzgerald families in the U.S., is profoundly saddened by the passing of Pearl Fitzgerald,” her brother-on-law, Robert Fitzgerald, said in a statement.

“We know that her passing will be felt for years to come.

We offer our prayers for Pearl’s loved ones and wish her the very best in her next chapter.

Pearl was a beautiful, generous, and wonderful person, we will miss her.”

She was 29 years old and was a graduate of New York University.

She had spent the previous four years at the prestigious New York Institute of Technology.

Her death was officially ruled a homicide, but a toxicology report released on Tuesday showed she had an elevated level of stress hormone oxytocin, which was also found in other people with depression.

“The Pearl Fitzgeralds wish is for the family of Pearl to be able to rest easy and that her loved ones can heal from this horrible tragedy,” her father said.

The Fitzgeralds are not commenting further on the death of Pearl.

The family was expecting to spend the next few weeks in Japan to pay respects to her, but they were told they would be unable to visit Pearl.

Their son, Robert, said he was disappointed that Pearl had not been able to attend the ceremony in Tokyo.

“It’s unfortunate,” he said.

“She’s been the most generous and kind of person.

She was just a wonderful girl.

She’s going to be missed.”

The Pearl Fitzsteins are the only American family to have met Pearl.

She worked for the New York Stock Exchange from the early 1980s until she became the stockbroker to the Japanese government in 1988.

In her career, Pearl was known for her loyalty to her boss, Robert Fitzsteiner.

She married her husband in 1989 and the couple divorced in 1999.

Her father, John Fitzgerald, and sister, Rose Fitzgerald married in the 1970s and then divorced.

The death of her mother, Pearl, also left a deep impact on the Fitzgeralds, who were the youngest of four children.

The two sisters, Rose and Pearl, were the first Americans to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000.

Rose Fitzgerald said Pearl would have wanted to be known for “being a role model for girls”.

“I think she would have liked to be recognized for being a role example for women and girls,” Rose Fitzgerald said.

“She loved everybody, and that was what we wanted for her.

She would have been proud of what she was doing.”

Pearl had been a “very, very bright, very gifted” person, her brother Robert Fitzgerald said in the statement.

She worked with children, and had a keen interest in children’s issues.

“Pearl was a very intelligent and bright girl.

As her career progressed, she began to get better at reading children’s literature and stories.

She liked to draw and write, and she liked to do things with children.

She had a deep understanding of the importance of being a good role model,” Robert Fitzgerald added.”

I would imagine she would’ve wanted to teach kids that it’s OK to be brave and brave and happy.

She believed in that.”

The Fitzgerald family has asked for privacy during their funeral, with the family requesting the privacy of the Fitzgerald family in lieu of flowers.

A public memorial service will be held at the home of the family in the next two weeks.

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