How to create a copper-plated swaddle


Copper-plating is a technique for creating an object that looks like a pearl but feels more like copper.

While the material isn’t always perfect, it can be an interesting option if you want to make a garment that doesn’t require much care.

The technique works well for clothing, but it can also be used to create objects that feel like a copper pipe, such as jewelry.

Here’s how to create copper-colored clothing from scratch.


Pick out a color palette and pick out a pattern.

You’ll want a palette of a good mix of colors to get the most out of the technique.

If you don’t have enough colors to choose from, you can just pick a few and make a basic pattern.

This tutorial includes a few examples of copper-printed clothing, and we hope you like them as much as we do.

If the copper looks a little too vibrant for your liking, you might want to try a more neutral color palette.


Find a good copper material.

Most of the copper we see in the commercial world is made out of zinc, which is also used in many other household items.

If your goal is to make copper jewelry, you’ll probably want to pick up some zinc-platinized copper, which you can purchase online.

However, if you’re interested in making jewelry, the best option is to use copper-gold plating, which we’ve included below.

If using copper-gilded or copper-nickel, you should consider purchasing a metal plating machine, which can cost hundreds of dollars.


Paint copper plating.

Paint a color on the copper and then apply it to your garment.

For a copper jewelry piece, you could also paint copper onto the jewelry.

Once your copper is painted, you will need to sand it, which requires a lot of patience.

If this sounds intimidating, the tutorial below will walk you through the process of getting started.


Seal the copper piece.

After the copper is coated, you need to seal the copper.

For jewelry, this might mean putting some sort of a seal on the piece.

For clothes, this would be sealing the fabric of the garment.


Dry the piece with a dry cloth.

After you’ve coated the copper, you don the garment, and you’re done!

The finished product should look like this: 1.

Copper jewelry 3.

Copper-colored garments 1.

Gold jewelry 4.

Gold-platted clothing