How to find the perfect gold-plated watch


TechCrunch article Apple has just released the latest update to its Watch app for the iPhone and iPad, which includes a new “gold” theme.

Apple also made the changes to the iPhone app to make it easier to add gold-plate Apple Watch bands, which have been a popular accessory for years, as well as making the new “Apple Watch Series 4” look and feel better.

Apple has previously released a number of Watch bands for Apple Watch Series 2 and 3, which were gold-coated with gold-colored finishes.

Gold-plating your watch is a pretty standard upgrade from the previous gold-and-silver Apple Watch models, and is now the default color for the Apple Watch in the watchOS 2 software.

Gold-plates can look a little bit more polished, though, thanks to the Apple app.

You can now specify that the gold-color bands are the only way to apply the gold, rather than a secondary method like the Apple watchOS 3 bands.

Apple Watch series 4 is now also available in a new gold-themed silver color.

If you’re a fan of the gold finish, you’ll probably love the new look.