How to get a free iPhone XS Max from Walmart in the US


The iPhone Xs Max is a very expensive iPhone, but if you can’t afford to shell out $1,000 for one, you can still get one for free from Walmart.

The phone is available in more than 20 countries, with the cheapest available in the United States for $999.99.

Walmart’s website lists the iPhone X with a price of $1.99, but in the UK, the price is $1 on 3G.

The iPhone X costs $999 in the States, $1 in the EU, and $1 around the world.

If you can, though, you could try to snag one from your local Walmart.

You’ll have to give it a little push, though: the phone’s battery life is only rated at 8 hours, which may take a little while to recharge.

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