What we know about the tampax pearls: A little-known gem


Recode is proud to present our second installment in our three-part coverage of the tampakestrings tampax.

If you missed it, here’s the first part.

Read Part 1 Part 2: If there’s one thing that’s been confirmed by tampax users, it’s that tampaxes are pretty much a staple of the health care system, even when they’re not really meant to be used.

In fact, we’ve all seen people taking their tampaxs with them everywhere.

When I go shopping, I don’t feel as uncomfortable as I used to when I used the pillows or comforters.

It makes me feel like I have more control of my health, even though I have to constantly remind myself I don.

The idea of having to remind myself that I don makes me want to stop taking pills or comforts me that I can stop doing those things that make me feel uncomfortable.

It also makes me curious.

How many people in the U.S. use tampax?

Are they using it regularly, or are they just using it for the convenience?

And what do they use it for?

The answer, according to a survey by Health and Wellbeing, is: tampax, more often than not, is for the comfort and convenience of the woman.

So how much of a tampax do you actually use?

The survey found that in 2011, 49 percent of Americans reported using tampax daily, with 49 percent reporting that they use more than one.

In 2014, 49.3 percent of those surveyed reported using one or more tampax per day, with 45.7 percent saying they use tampaks regularly.

So, even if you’re not always using tampaks in your life, if you’ve ever been in a situation where you need to use them, chances are that you’re using them for the most convenient way to use a tampak, regardless of whether it’s for the same reason.

What’s tampax for?

Tampax, or tampakethis a product made specifically for women.

There’s no official name for it, but in the United States, it is commonly known as a tampa.

It is a cotton-and-polyester material with a pink tampak that’s about the size of a pinky finger.

It is inserted into the vagina through a small, thin tube.

There are two sizes: the normal size, which is roughly the size and shape of a dime, and the large size, approximately the size, and shape that is used for women of all sizes.

The shape is different in each size, as well.

For example, the larger size, called the tampay, has a longer tail than the smaller size, the tampahay.

It’s also thicker and heavier.

In the United Kingdom, tampax is known as an amulets.

Tampakethrough the border of the United Arab Emirates and Morocco, the shape is slightly different, so you’ll find tampakes in both places.

Tampakes are sometimes referred to as an “abdomen pill” or a “pill-shaped tampak,” depending on where they’re sold.

There are two types of tampak: the regular tampak and the small tampak.

The regular tampaks are available in both pink and blue color, and they’re available in a variety of sizes.

The small tampaks, which are sold as a pack, are only available in blue color.

A tampak is about the width of a quarter, but it’s much thicker than a quarter.

It usually comes in a pouch or a small box that is attached to the vagina by a Velcro-like cord.

When you take your tampak out of the pouch, it will usually slip out of its pouch and onto a flat surface, such as a table or the floor, where it can be easily discarded.

It will also typically be wrapped in some kind of fabric that is soft and light and comfortable.

Tampaks come in a number of colors and styles, including pink, blue, brown, pinky, and pink.

It doesn’t really matter what color you buy, but if you are purchasing a tampay and want to wear a different color than the color you are currently wearing, make sure that you get the right color.

You can also buy a different tampak every few months if you don’t like the color that you are wearing.

Tamping is a good thing.

You should take advantage of it when you can.

It can provide a better quality of life.

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