When it comes to TV, the Oscars are all about the actors, says Emmy winner Emerson Pearl


Emerson Pearl is a two-time Emmy winner, and his Emmy-winning portrayal of Emmett Pearl in the television series The Simpsons is among the most well-known on television.

But as the show’s star, Pearl’s role in the series has come to be considered a bit of a joke, and one that he acknowledges he’s struggled with since winning the Emmy in 2013.

“I was surprised to get the nomination, because I had no idea it was a big deal,” he says.

“There were some people who were like, ‘Oh, the Emmy for The Simpsons?

Why does this matter?'”

Pearl, who is also a co-creator of the upcoming Simpsons spinoff, The Simpsons: Tapped Out, says he has also struggled with his character’s acceptance.

“The show was never going to be like, this is who we are, and that’s really fun,” he said.

“People are just kind of assuming you’re a nice guy, that you’re good, and they don’t really give you much to work with.

But I’m not.

I’m a very complex person.”

The show, about a family of misfits who move to suburban Springfield, first aired in 1987, and Pearl was a regular cast member.

But the show has had some critics who say Pearl’s portrayal of the character is too harsh.

Critics have also said Pearl was overused in the show, and he has been the target of a petition demanding that he be removed from the series, which is produced by Fox.

“He’s a really great actor, and the people who are really angry with him are the same people who complain about my portrayal of Homer Simpson in the Simpsons,” Pearl said.

But Pearl insists he was never overused.

“Homer’s a very smart, funny guy.

He’s not like the character he was in The Simpsons,” he continued.

“And the people in the character I played in The Homer Simpson Show were the best people on the show.

I was always there, even in those seasons where I wasn’t on.”