How to wear pearl hair wigs and beer in a fun way

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When you’re a young girl, you’ve probably got some weird ideas about what you want to wear when you’re not at home with your parents.

For me, that’s because I was a kid.

The idea of going to a beach to do some beach reading or to an adult movie was something I’d never thought about doing, until I saw the pearl hair wig on sale.

Like, that was something that was really, really cool.

And it turned out, I had a little girl.

I was really happy to be able to buy this wig, and I also loved the idea of getting to dress up in pearls for her.

And then when I started to look back, I realized, wow, I really wish I had done that.

It’s kind of a fun idea.

And so I bought the wig for my daughter, and she’s been a fan of it ever since.

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