Why do women like pearl earrings?

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The blue pearl earring that’s a favorite of many women seems to be making a comeback.

The American Institute of Architects has listed blue pearl as one of the top ten best-selling jewelry styles in the U.S. in 2016.

The jewelry craze has taken off, but the trend is so strong, that some experts are predicting that the blue pearl could eclipse the gold and silver.

“There are women who are so obsessed with this blue pearl that they are spending more and more time wearing it than the gold or silver, which is the gold, which they like the feel of and the color of,” said Jessica Vos, an associate professor of design and architecture at UC Berkeley.

“It’s kind of the ultimate blue.”

Blue pearl ear rings are made of white pearl, or blue, which, when exposed to the sun, turns red and reflects blue light.

But when the pearl is rubbed into the earlobe, the color changes.

The blue also absorbs ultraviolet light and gives the earrings a sparkly appearance.

While blue pearl is a popular choice for earrings in the United States, the blue earrings can be quite expensive.

Most jewelry shops will sell for around $150, depending on the style.

Vos and other experts believe that the popularity of the blue color is partly due to the fact that it’s easier to create, she said.

The blue pearl can also be used to create an alternative look for some types of earrings.

Voss pointed out that blue pearl has a more delicate feel than gold and it can be worn as a substitute for other types of gold earrings like diamonds or sapphires.

The beads can also come in different colors, like pink, red, or green, depending upon what style you prefer.

“I’ve seen some ladies who are wearing these blue pearl beads and it looks so amazing, and it just looks so beautiful,” Vos said.

“They can’t help but want to wear it.

It’s just so beautiful.”

The trend has been gaining traction in the last few years, and Vos predicts that the demand for the blue pearls will continue to grow.

“The people who love these earrings have been really, really supportive of it,” she said, adding that the jewelry crafters have also been paying attention.

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